Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another Great Week!

Looks like another great week for the empire:

1.U.S. planes dropped bombs killing about 40 civilians in Iraq. These strikes are known as "collective punishment" in the War Crimes business. Some kind of explosion had kiilled 5 US soldiers in Ramadi. So we killled 25 civilians there in return.

This is yet another breach of various international laws. The Nazis practiced it in Occupied France, killing at least 10 French civilians for every Nazi killed by the resistance. Stalin, too, was big on it. So we're in historic company.

2. The so-called vote for an Iraqi constitution was, of course, a sham. Millions of voters never had a chance to read the entire constitution. There were NO international monitors. Official "results" defied logical expectations. etc. etc.

3. On the home front, New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who wrote important articles parroting the government lies about why we needed to invade Iraq, admitted (albeit indirectly) that she was WORKING FOR the criminals making up the lies. In her recent article, she notes casually that she had "security clearance" in Iraq when she was there with the American weapons inspectors/spies when they were concocting their story. You don't get "security clearance" as a journalist unless you are also working for an "intelligence"service. This is not just a "breach" of journalistic ethics. It's making a joke of them. It's the equivalent of having a government press. It's the governing administration paying someone to write their lies in the largest selling newspaper in the world.

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At 5:56 AM, Blogger Ken Ferrari said...

Great work, Jim! You're tenacity is inspiring!

Ken Ferrari


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